Book Haul :)

If you read my last review, you may have noticed that I slipped in there that I am a new mom. I just had my baby shower, and well you probably all know that I love to read (why else would I be here, lol). 

So instead of a cards I asked for a book instead (could be well loved or new) with the message written inside. Not sure what prices are like where you live but the price of a card is almost the same as a board book (even when you buy it new, which is crazy). 

So my recommendation is if you are having a baby shower, or are attending one or organizing one (or all three) maybe ask for books instead of cards.

If you have a child that has a different name than the Lost the Names books are great as you can put in any name and customize the animals and creatures along the way. And I loved Peter Rabbit stories when I was a kid so I am so happy that we received the complete set of stories
I was so excited about the variety of books that we received and I have not heard of many of the books here, but all the moms that gave the books said that it was their child(s) favourite book. I look forward to reading all of them.
Finally, I was told by the mom that gave me this book that it really helps put her little ones to sleep, so I'm eager to try this out, especially when he gets older.
I'm excited to start reading all of these and hopefully turn my son into a book worm like me lol. What are some books that you loved as a child or love to read to you children now. Let me know, I'm sure I will enjoy expanding his collection as much as mine :)