Lethal - Sandra Brown The most recent book from Sandra Brown enters into a world where one individual has the ability to corrupt many, even those in high up positions in all forms of law enforcement and government.

Honor was expecting to spend a quit day with her daughter Emily, when Emily informs her that there is a strange man in the front yard. Honor is quick to act to see if the man needs help, only to discover herself and her daughter to be his prisoner. But this is no Chance meet Coburn has specifically chosen Honor, but Honor does not know why. Coburn is a killer, he is accused of killing seven men at where he used to work but Honor is forced to go where he Coburn and the is on the run. Honor soon realizes that Coburn is not the only one that she has to be scared of, there is more than one person that wants her dead, very influential Book Keeper.

I'm at a loss on how to review this book. While I did enjoy the book I have found that Brown likes to follow a very similar formula when writing her books (and really why not, she is very successful with what she does). But it seems like her books have an a+b=c mentality especially after reading the Witness a few months ago. I think that this formula leads to predictability and lack of overall enjoyment of the book, as if you have read a Brown book before you already know some things are going to occur. So while I was entertained, I feel that this book it was lacking in originality.

The main characters are typical of most Brown book, a strong main female character who is somewhat head strong, protective, but looking to fall in love and a strong male character who is attractive, over protective and doesn't want to commit to anyone (as I said a+b=c formula). However, I did like the introduction of Emily who brought out the protective instincts in Honor. Emily was also a handful for a man like Coburn who has never been around children and wants even the scary man to kiss Elmo good night. Some of Emily's antics made me laugh and her character was refreshing at times.

I think my favorite character in the book is Diego who is not a main characters. I would have liked to read a book that just feature Diego. Diego is something that was a little different in a Brown book and was a nice side story within the novel itself. Diego is one of the Book Keeper's assassins who has recently found something to live for other than killing. What is funny is really the book could have been written without Diego it would have had the same result. I think this shows my overall lack of investment in the two main characters and their story.

I find that Brown's sex scenes within her newer books are broaching on erotica. While I do not mind them every once in awhile, I prefer them to be short, not as detailed or as prominent in the book or plot.

Overall, I did enjoy this book and it was able to keep me some what entertained and I really wanted to find out who the Book Keeper was, I think that is what kept me going and entertained in this book. However, I did expect more from a Sandra Brown book. I think if you like Sandra Brown books you will enjoy this one, it follows a similar formula to some of her other books. I think that if you have never read a Sandra Brown book I would start some place else, The Witness for example is one of her books that I really enjoyed.