Full Moon Rising (Riley Jensen, Guardian, Book 1)

Full Moon Rising - Keri Arthur The majority of the individual who read paranormal romance books have probably already read this one. I have been putting off reading it, as I thought it would be a complete paranormal romance book, which are not my first choice these days. For this book, my thoughts were partially right. This is the first in a series of six, which I believe have all been released, so if you are looking for a new series to read through this one might be for you.

Born, along with her twin brother Rhoan, as half Werewolf, half Vampire, they have spent their lives together, never really forming outside ties for fear of rejection, scorn, and disgust from other individuals. But Riley and Rhoan have found a place outside of their pack (which kicked them out) at the Directive, which polices the paranormals. Rhoan is a guardian (similar to a cop with a side of assassin) while Riley chose to be, as she likes to call it, a pencil pusher. Riley has no desire to be a guardian, but is pushed into the role, when Rhoan goes missing while on mission, and she can feel that he is in Danger. Enter the mysterious Vampire Quinn, who Riley finds naked outside her doorway and claiming to be there to see her brother. Quinn cannot remember all the details before his attacked but he knew to come to Rhoan for help. Rhoan never mentioned Quinn before, and she is suspicious of him from the start, even though he is extremely good-looking and powerful. Riley and Quinn are thrown together in an investigation, to find Rhoan, the other missing Guardians and combat a cloning project that is attempting to create the perfect warrior. Along the way though, Riley becomes a target on more than one front, and to top it all off, this is taking place during the wolves week long moon heat, where all werewolves need to mate. Riley needs to control and satisfy her urges all at the same time. For one not looking for trouble, Riley is going to discover just how much trouble and danger the world is when you decide to go against evil forces.

This book had interesting ideas within the plot and it was able to keep me somewhat entertained throughout. I like Riley as a character, she has some very human, werewolf and vampire wants and needs, which she has to fight in order to achieve them. There were also some interesting abilities that I thought were different as well, for example Riley’s ability to switch her eyesight to infrared (or vampire eyes). The idea of the Directive was nice, but it is similar in aspects to other books I have read (such as the Order in Ilona Andrews Kate Daniels series, which is one of my Favorite Series). I did like the tension that does happen between Quinn and Riley and I wish this was the only place where there was sexual tension that involved Riley.

My main criticism of this book is large quantity of sex scenes. It seemed, to me, that every second chapter was about Riley having sex; it got predictive and boring. Too many sex scenes is the reason, I am no longer a fan of Laurell K Hamilton’s work. Although these sex scenes were not as long as Hamilton’s are, I just found that there were too many of them. I do understand that sex is part of the overall theme, and plot of the book, but I believe that the plot could have been achieved with fewer of them. I also understand that Riley is a part werewolf, and that this is just part of her nature in this book, but still, I find the book lacking because of them. It also seemed that every second conversation that Riley had was about sex or hinting about having sex or who she is going to have sex with. I personally just started skipping all these scenes, until there was some action or dialogue that was part of the mystery/case/plot of the book.

I guess overall, I don’t think that this book (and possibly series) is really my cup of tea. That said, I did find the plot by itself interesting, but I am unsure if I will pick up the other books within the series (well maybe I would if I had nothing else to read). I will ask a quick question here to all people who have read the other books...Are all the books this involved with sex? Thanks if you are able to answer.