I was supposed to have another author Interview & Giveaway up today, but for some reason the author did not get back to me with their answers. I'm a little bit miffed as I have a set schedule and once hit my max number I stop asking other authors to participate. I don’t want it to get too busy or convoluted as it was the very first year I did and it was too much.


So I'm disappointed that they were a no show. I had pretty steady contact with them since the beginning of August and then when the questions are due nothing. I understand people are busy and life catches up sometime but if you say yes it means you are committed now instead of an Interview & giveaway today I guess I'll post a review I was saving for after the event. Don't worry though the rest of the authors who said Yes all have their answers in, I'm hoping this is the only time this happens.


Done ranting :)


But make sure to check out all the great ones that are already going on and enter the Giveaways :)